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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Corn Tortilla, scrambled eggs, mushroom, tomatoes, capsicum with paprika and parmesan cheese

6 yeas ago when I was in Italy - I was served this dish for breakfast in a small  family run cafe in a small village called Bartolommeo - this recipe just takes scrambled eggs to a whole new level and the parmesan cheese give it its unique flavour - a perfect breakfast to start your weekend.
2 large organic eggs - ( I am greedy so it has to be large)
1 corn tortilla cut into thin strips
2table spoon of good quality olive oil
2-3 cubes of butter
Handful of chopped spring onion
4-5 diced wild mushroom
Half pepper - thinly sliced
1 red or green chilli finely chopped
salt and pepper to taste
Finely chopped herbs of your choice.
1 tsp of paprika
Remember you can use any vegetable or even diced chicken if you like.
In a large pan put 1 tsp of olive oil and fry the strips of tortilla until they are crisp and lightly golden brown - keep aside
Then put in the remaining oil and butter and add the chillies followed by the vegetables and saute for -2-3 mins
Now add the fried tortilla back in the pan with the vegetables followed by the two beaten mix and fold lightly to get to a creme scrambles egg consistency
Season with salt and pepper
Serve with loads of grated parmesan cheese and finely chopped herbs of your choice I used basil.


  1. Hi,

    Everthing wonderful on one plate...wow..:)



  2. thanks for visiting my blog.. corn ttortilla looks yummy n perfect for breakfast..

  3. wow somany lovely ingredients used to make this delicious scrambled egg ..In chennai one street foor is very famous ,kotthu paratha ,it sounds like that ...u made it beautifully


  4. That looks soooo good.


  5. gr8 recipe ayush....a very healthy and filling breakfast...gr8 job