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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Very Easy Spanish Tortilla

While I was living in Swindon 2 years ago I was taught how to make this delicious Spanish Tortilla. I learnt it from the chef of a small Tapas restaurant in old town. It is very easy to make and is most delicious thing in the whole wide world you have to trust me on this one.

3 large potatoes chopped into small cubes
1 large onion
6 eggs
Less than half a cup of good quality olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

Take a large deep frying pan
Add the onions and the potatoes and cook it for almost 45-50 minutes until they are nice and soft ( make sure they are not browned and to do that you need to stir them constantly on a very low flame)
Beat the six eggs and add in the pan once the potatoes and onions are cooked and keep mixing it ( it will look like a scrambled egg - but that is fine don't panic)
Once the egg is nicely mixed press it down so that it starts setting in the pan
After 5-6 minutes the bottom of the tortilla must be cooked
At this stage you can either slip it out and flap it over and cook the top bit grill it under a hot grill you choice.
I just flip it out and back in the pan again

It should be golden brown and crisp on the edges. Serve it with a nice tomato salsa.


  1. yum...love this one.

  2. do you any good soup recipes?

  3. am glad you liked it..are you going to try it?

  4. yes i have posted pea and cucumber, ministerone and roasted tomato soup they are all on the blog ;-))

  5. yeah, i've already tried it. like you said..it's very easy. Haven't looked at your soup recipes yet, I will have a look now.

  6. mine tasted good but did not look very nice :=(

  7. i am going to try this ayush! yum!
    lee (from work :))