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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Greek Roasted Vegetables with Halloumi

Halloumi - a delicious cheese from Cyprus goes fantastically with roasted vegetables. I call this recipe Greek, but it is kind of my idea of Greek - it is also based on Nigella Lawson's Potato and Halloumi bake.

 large chunks and wedges:
  • 1 x large white onion
  • 1 x red onion
  • 1 x large bulb of fennel
  • 1 x large red pepper
  • 2 x large baby aubergines
  • 1 x large courgette
  • about six whole cloves of garlic (unpeeled)
  • a handful of fresh mint
  • lots of black pepper
generous glug of olive oil and mixed it all up to coat the veg.
No salt because it turns the veg mushy and the Halloumi is already salty.
put it in an oven preheated to 200C and leave it there for about 45 mins to an hour.
When it comes out  squeeze some lemon juice over it, finely slice the
Halloumi and put a layer all over the veg and then put it under a very
hot grill. Add a bit more mint as well and serve it with brown

The left overs will probably make a nice salad for tomorrow.


  1. Hey,

    That looks awesome...:)



  2. Love this recipe. I like fennel a lot and this dish could easily be a favorite. Cheers!

  3. wow easy colourful and yummy....great dish.